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About LMI

Our mission proposition

How can we add value to conversations in education management?

Our Objectives

  1. To be the pre-eminent survey consultant in education.
  2. To be, and be seen as, a provider of unique, clearly understood, and highly valued market research services.
  3. To deliver the best in service, in process, and in results to each and every client for each and every assignment.
  4. To leave a legacy to the general body of knowledge in the field of education.

Our Guiding Values

  1. Conduct yourself in all matters with honesty and integrity.
  2. Listen... think... then speak, but only if you have something to say.
  3. Don't be afraid to say, "I don't know."
  4. Add value to everything you do.
  5. Be only your best -- everything else will follow.
  6. Plan to learn something with each new assignment.
  7. Re-state all problems as opportunities.
  8. Your career is an adventure comprised of a long series of mini-adventures called workdays.
  9. Profit is just one tool by which we move closer to our objectives.
  10. Grow personally and professionally on a daily basis.
  11. Stay in balance.
  12. Enjoy your work and help others do the same.

Backgrounder on the Company

LMI conducts constituent surveys for independent schools, colleges, and universities studying all major groups -- parents, students, alumni, and faculty. 

The company's mission statement reflects the acknowledged need to repeatedly "go to market," and to always be on the "lookout," for market opportunities and threats. Hence, the company name. Clients are too often too busy scrambling with the daily management job to properly attend to the market research job that accompanies being a leader. To the extent that LMI can play a key supporting role in this leadership function, clients are well served. 

Conducting a constituent survey necessarily brings together into one place the skills of questionnaire design, clarity of language, listening, empathizing, computer programming, number-crunching, analyzing, and report writing. This varied set of skills must then be packaged with connections to the big picture perspective that asks, "Why are we doing this work in the first place?" Few market research companies, it's sad to say, can deliver this complete mix of resources. LMI delivers on all counts. 

LMI clients want to be able to wave the banner of reported successes and also to take action in areas specifically identified as in need of attention. 

Our gratification comes from seeing client faces when we deliver survey results that will work as a meaningful management tool, results not previously considered possible. We help clients to build and sustain competitive advantage. 

Any school with more than 150 students and a strong need to be held accountable to the market can profit from an LMI constituent survey. 

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